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Earlier this year, while riding a bicycle, a woman disregarding attention as she got out of a parked car, opened the door right in front of me.  I tried to avoid the door yet, but unfortunately it ran out and, hitting me, threw me to the other side of the road.  I don't remember the moment.  After falling, i normally tried to get up, but i felt one leg was limp and i couldn't get up.  I will briefly describe what irritated me and how the accident affected me.  On the fall, the woman did not come to me, she was preoccupied with the fact that the door was broken.  For almost an hour, i was lying on the road and was looked after by the doctor who came first after the call.  There was one guy - a witness - who called an ambulance.  The second witness was a woman who lived there, she helped cover me with a blanket and gave me water to drink.  A friend of mine who lived nearby also came and helped the doctor.  There is nothing in the report about the witnesses.  The woman who caused the accident is only a witness.  Different versions of the testimony.  After my efforts to prove that i was 100% injured, the insurance company recognized me as an injured person.  I didn't hear the word i'm sorry.  I wanted to get in touch with this woman just to chat.  Unfortunately, even the organization that dealt with mediation did not help.  The woman doesn't want to see me.  Personally, i have a great grudge against her.  The accident thwarted my plans for the whole year, it led to difficult situations in my relationship with my partner who, at the time of the accident, needed help himself, which i could no longer give him.


Two weeks before my accident, i completed the period of caring for him, which lasted from november last year.  Due to the increasing problems with getting us help, i decided to go to a psychologist.  So now what irritates me the most is that i don't know if this woman suffered any consequences at all.  Until today, there has been no judicial dissolution.  I can't go back to work.  I already know that i will definitely have problems with my knee all the time and for sure some health damage that can be determined only at the end of next year.  He is currently continuing fisotherapy 4x a week.  It is still known that i am waiting for an operation to remove the implants with screws that were placed at the knee.



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