BSN fraud - what now?

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I will not get into details as my story is similar with the other stories I've seen around here. My case matches perfectly with the one described here….

I was called by a robot saying it is the Ministry of Justice. I was redirected to a supposedly police officer who said I was the main suspect in a certain crime involving drug trafficking. I said I knew nothing about it.

I was told I need to secure my financial assets so I was made to open a Coinbase account and transfer my money there and from there to a LTC (Litecoin) crypto wallet.

Besides the Coinbase transactions I was also made to transfer substantial amounts to another bank account at the same bank I was using (BUNQ).

I was told a police officer would come the next day to give me new BSN and new bank accounts and restore my balance.

I've already filed a police report and now I am just waiting to see if a miracle happens and if these scammers will ever be caught.


Needless to say, it was very hard for me to sleep in the first night after this happened. Gradually it got better and better. I experienced the same feelings of shame, anxiety and anger as everyone else. I am still experiencing them but they are not so powerful now. It is also very hard for me as I feel like I have nobody close to be able to share this with. I don't do this because of my shame only. I do this also because I feel like my loved ones would be heavily affected by this as I was and I don't want to put that burden on them. Just being able to share here anonimously here helps me a lot already.

Now the question is... what can I do now?

For the money I transferred to another bank account, I am pretty motivated to follow up with LAVG as suggested in other stories around here. I have high hopes that I can get that part of my money back.
For the money I lost in crypto, I am not so hopeful. I am trying to get used to the idea that I'll never see them again. However, I want at least to try to track them down. Did anyone around here use
international crypto investigators who say they can get your money back from crypto? I am thinking companies like:

Did you try them? Did they work? They have quite high fees so I am not so sure if I can even pay them and I really don't want to be scammed twice at this point.

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Hi Hamit-10, I hate to be the messenger of bad news. My experience with my bank was negative. I transferred the money myself. Sometimes a bank will do a refund, most of them do not.
Another advise, stay away from refund agencies. They promise a lot but don't deliver. I contacted one of them and after a year, no amount was recovered. As you said, the fee's are high.
It's good to hear you found this community to at least tell your story. My mental recovery started after being transparent in what happened to me. I hope you feel the same.

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Hi Henk! Thank you for your message, it is very helpful!

I will just try to use all the help I can get and maybe I can get at least part of my money back. I have to at least keep the hope for some time while also making peace with the idea that I will never get it back.

I am also considering starting to be transparent about it. I hope I will find a good time for that. All the best!

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