Op zoek naar lotgenoten van sexsueel misbruik door pater van de congregatie van de Heilige Harten (ss.cc)

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Hello, I apologize for writing in English but it's easier for me. I am a 46 years old female and live already 14+ years in America, but grew up in Germany with a Dutch mother (she taught me to read Dutch but writing is still hard for me). Anyways, as most here I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I was abused when I was around 5 years old until I got too old for my abuser when I was around 10 years of age. Of course this trauma left damages to my personality which are irreparable and therefore I will be depended on medications for the rest of my life. After all these years I am ready to seek some kind of justice for myself and am searching for fellow sufferers who were also abused by a Catholic priest from the congregation of  "Paters van de Heilige Harten" which was mainly active in S'Hertogenbosch and Valkenburg. This priest was before a chaplain (kapelaan) at the "geloofsgementschap, onderdeel van de immanuelparochie" from 1966-1969 and in charge of the children's choir. Please contact me if you read this. I need your help.