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Hi my story is little weird but I wanted to share because I am the victim of the society I am an asian and I am new in netherland I don't know how to talk to girl I am 32 years old and don't have any relationship yet I have a good job and my looking is not too bad I am upset to remain single I thought of suicide many times because I felt so alone may be I have some psychological issue or not but I don't know may be someone of you can help me to get out of my situation 

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Als lid van de Lotgenoten Community kun je in gesprek gaan met andere leden. Deel jouw eigen ervaringen, ondersteun andere slachtoffers of stel vragen.


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Hello Zaidi,
Of corse i wil help you, but my first question to you is:
Where are you staying in the Netherlands ?
Close to Amsterdam ?

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My first suggestion is not to focus on your fears. Join local groups of people with similar interests, like sports, gardening, bird-watching, cooking and probably also a language group. Socialize, get to know people, make friends.

Also consider how much cultural habits and family pressure might affect your feelings and behavior. Do your feel pressured by parents, siblings or school friends to get a good job, have a high income, drive a nice car, be dressed properly and find a future wife? Socializing, making friends might help you relax a bit and take all these plights lightly.

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